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Some see things as

they are and say why,

I dream of things that

have never been and

say why not

George Bernard Shaw


Balmoral Central is about

where we work and how we

live. It combines office, retail

and residential space in an

open and sophisticated living


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So many great reasons to chose Balmoral Central
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Balmoral Central is a significant multi-level landmark development. It is set in a unique town centre location with panoramic views of the River Blackwater. A pedestrian foot and cycle bridge will provide access to Navan Town Park.

Reasons to chose
Why Navan?

Unique town centre location

Why Navan, Ireland?

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  • Navan is the principal town of County Meath

  • There is an urban population of 34,000 with 1.1million people living within a 40km radius

  • It is estimated that the population will double in the next ten years

  • Over 21,000 people commute from the greater Navan area to Dublin daily for work

  • Affordable housing

  • Staff retention

  • Less commute time

  • Lifestyle benefits

  • Primary growth area

  • Geographic location

  • Educated workforce

  • Young population

Proposed Site Map
Balmoral Central Site Map
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Balmoral Central PHASE 1A
Phase 1A Overview

The Fitzwilliam Group have developed and actively managed over 500 residential projects since they were established in 1975

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Balmoral Central PHASE 1B
Phase 1B
Phase 1A RESI plan image.jpg
Phase 1B plan image.jpg
Phase 1B elevation and impression.jpg

Fitzwilliam Group has the in-house capability to deliver a Commercial / Retail unit from initial design to Client handover.

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Balmoral Central PHASE 2
Office Block new.jpg
Phase 2

Fitzwilliam Group has a strong track record of working with companies such as Facebook & LinkedIn, delivering projects to exact end-user requirements.

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Phase 2 OFFICE plan image.jpg
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